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The Arrival of Harris
A Page of Gratitude


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Many thanks need to be expressed to all of those that helped to make Harrison's birth day go so smoothly and as I had dreamed (well...except for the pushing! :-)).......

Love, light, thanks, admiration, and ((((HUGS)))) to:

Jeff, my wonderful husband of 8 years (partner for 13 years), co-creator of three of my greatest blessings, and man of steel in labor. I love you with all of my heart.

Rhonda, CNM/Owner of Faith Midwifery Services, who has become a great friend and who supported me during some of my most anxious moments with calm and loving words, faith, and unsurpassed knowledge and skill. THANK YOU, Rhonda, for *everything*.

Bo, Rhonda's Assistant, whose hand-holding reminded me of an angel's touch, no matter how hard *I* squeezed! Your years of personal experience and deep faith form the best aura around you. Just having you in my home was very centering and calming.

Mik, for your friendship, your knowledge of the birthing process, your positive energy, endless conversations, your experience, THAT HOT RICE/HERB SACK, making me pee and eat and drink, and your support....thanks for sharing everything with me (including a personality!!)!!

Monica, thanks for being so much like me and helping me to feel normal!! Thanks for preparing the placenta for me, thanks for your friendship. I am so glad we found each other!!

And Rusty..thanks for introducing me to your beautiful wife, for the fruit (it was awesome to have right after the birth!), and for adding your positive energy to the moment!

Mom, for EVERYTHING!! For pushing me into the world 29 years ago, for always being part of "the team", and for everything you did to keep me and my household going while I recovered.

Tom and Carol, a.k.a. Poppa and Gamie, THANK YOU for being incredible grandparents. Your care of Ben and Liza on Harrison's birth day was stellar. You helped to make the day even more special for them and worry-free for Jeff and I.

Coleen, for all of your support while I worked through my decision, and for that one comment that helped to turn the tide.

Andi, for ALWAYS easing me off of the edge, for ALWAYS being there, for your experience, for your love and support and encouragement, for being one of my best friends.

Peter and Sara, for sharing your experience with me. Thank you, Pete, for bringing such a wonderful SIL into my life!!! I cant wait to meet Gracie!!!

Wayne/Dad...thanks so much. (((hugs)))

The phenomenal womyn of AMU! and MS for being instrumental in my choice to HB.

Jenn and Louise, for always making me laugh and proving that I am not the only crazy one to have three!!

Janet Hall of Birth Partners, for having such a great staff and services!! THANKS and love to Dawn, Robyn and Mik! The pregnancy photographs, belly mask, birthing pool, doulaing, and phone conversations only enhanced the experience!!